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Formative Assessments and Real-Time Results

How capturing real-time data helps educators keep their finger on the pulse of the higher-education classroom.

Here’s a secret you may not be privy to, students: Professors are always assessing your performance.

Mobile-Enabled Students and Social Learning

How the rise of tech-enabled collaborative learning influences the opportunities for classroom engagement using data-driven teaching practices.

The barrier to technology in the classroom is not what it used to be.

01Apr 2016

CourseKey at EvoNexus Demo Day 2016

Wow…what a spectacle!

Last night, EvoNexus, Southern California’s premiere tech incubator, hosted their sixth annual Demo Day. The event brought hundreds of brilliant minds and innovative companies to Qualcomm HQ in sunny San Diego.

I was honored to be one of the ten entrepreneurs selected to pitch. My goal was to inform the audience on the challenges higher education faces today. We are watching (1) class sizes continuously growing, (2) student learning is no longer personalized, and (3) it is challenging for professors to convey career-readying material in one hour lecture periods to hundreds of students.

As I pitch investors, and I often do, I’ve learned how far removed most people are from Higher Education. They have no understanding of what college classrooms look like today. So, I began my presentation by informing the audience exactly what the classroom environment has become…